Youth Mentoring


Why mentor?


Regular, long-term relationships with a variety of adults are critical to healthy child development.

Research shows that having a mentor present in a young person’s life for an average of 4 hours a month can decrease their chances of engaging in drug and alcohol use, as well as increase their education aspirations. Research shows that having had a mentor is positively correlated with engaging in more positive activities for at-risk youth.

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  • Improved Attendance & Performance

    Leads to increased graduation rates, increased post-secondary education and overall education aspirations, which contributes to higher lifetime earnings.

  • Greater Self-esteem & Confidence

    Linked to improved interpersonal skills which contributes to healthier relationships; higher self-esteem and more self confidence.

  • Behavior Improvements

    Youth show improved behavior, both at home and school, and have stronger relationships with parents, teachers and peers.

  • Reduced Truancy

    Results in reduced school costs and ultimately, reduced high school dropouts.

  • Improved Health Outcomes

    Reduced teen pregnancy, reduced likelihood or delayed use of tobacco, alcohol, or other illicit drugs.

RUSC Kinship Mentorship Stats



Regularly participated in a sports team, club, or extracurricular activity at school.


Regularly volunteered in their community.


Planned to enroll and graudate from college.

Mentoring FAQs

Our Mentoring Program is at the center of our organization. RUSC Kinship focuses on matching children ages 5 to 17 with positive adult influences. We improve the lives of kids involved in Kinship by bolstering their self-esteem and offering opportunities for social and emotional skills development.

Matches are based on geography, shared interest, preference, and personalities so it is natural for the matches to do things they both enjoy.

RUSC Kinship is unique among mentoring programs in that we encourage not only individuals, but also couples and families to become mentors for our youth. All mentors are screened and trained.

The mentor is not there to replace the parent’s authority or role. He or she is there to be another special adult in the life of your child. Studies have shown that many parents experience an improved relationship with their child because they were given a mentor.

With families being spread out geographically, and many families separated for a variety of reasons, access to adults may be limited. Some children simply need extra attention or a boost in their self-esteem. Some need more opportunities to experience positive leisure activities. Some may need a little help with their social skills.

Parents, Youth, and Mentors have an opportunity to decline or accept the match suggested by RUSC Kinship Mentoring staff.

Youth and Mentors are asked to commit to the program for a minimum of 1 year. Matches get together at least 4 hours a month and have the option to attend RUSC Kinship sponsored group activities each month.

A year is a significant investment in a child’s life. That’s why it has such a great impact on all involved. Many of our matches continue on for more than the first year.

All mentors are required to complete the entire screening process before being matched with a young person including: a written application, a personal reference check, a background check, a personal interview, and pre-mentoring training.

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