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Lunch Buddies is a program for adult mentors to have one-on-one time with a student once a month. The objective is to improve a child’s social skills and self-esteem to foster a better attitude for learning — ultimately improving school success.

The Buddies eat lunch together and engage in meaningful conversation – this may include playing games, talking, reading a book, doing a craft or working on a project. The focus is on fostering a caring and supportive friendship the child can look forward to.

RUSC Kinship currently has Lunch Buddies programs in:

  • Chokio-Alberta Elementary

  • Morris Area Elementary

  • St. Mary's in Morris

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“I started doing Lunch Buddies because I feel that reading skills are the most important part of learning for kids, but I have found that the connections I have made with my Lunch Buddies are so much fun. We read and write in such enjoyable ways that the second graders don’t even realize they are gaining valuable life skills as they do the activities. To have previous Lunch Buddies come up and give me a hug (even in public!) feels great and lets me know that they enjoyed our time together as much as I did.”
– Vicki Dalager

Lunch Buddies FAQs

Thank you for considering being a Lunch Buddies mentor with RUSC Kinship! As a mentor, you will begin one of life’s most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. Here you will find more information on what is expected of this program.

Lunch Buddies visit the school one day per month, the day of the week and lunch times vary per school. We ask for a one school year commitment from October through May. 

You will be matched with the same student to have lunch with once a month. You will find out who the student is at your first meeting.

You will eat lunch with your Lunch Buddy and do an activity together, it may be reading, a game, or some other fun project.

Each school has different procedures on where to meet and the order things are done with Lunch Buddies. Once you are assigned a school, you'll get more information on the timeline and where to go! 

Mentoring doesn’t require great talent; it just takes a great attitude! 

Our second graders are not looking for perfection – they are so excited for each Lunch Buddy lunchtime. At this age, the youth are solely interested in spending time with adults who might be able to share from their experience, while making the kids feel special and included. 

Of course. RUSC Kinship is always accepting additional Lunch Buddies. To get started, call 320.585.7872 or email for more info on how to get started.

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